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Willow advertises the Puppy Walking pages here. Guide Dog Puppy number 2 for us, she came to us in December 2003, and was the 'perfect' pup. She went off for training the following year, but an eye test showed up a tunnel vision problem in her right eye, and she came back to us in January 2005 just over a year old.

Here she is 9 years old, really fit and well, delightfully slim due to our  adherence to a feeding policy that does not allow her, being a labrador, to 'fill her boots' at feeding time! A delightful companion and 'trainer' for the pups. We promoted her to 'Training Sergeant' in recognition of her dedication and tolerance of the pups!!`  We love her dearly and are privileged to have her with us.

Now there are no more pups for her to 'mother', but she has shown us her real personality and is clearly enjoying the attention she gets as a sole dog in the house. She is becoming the mother figure for all the dogs  and pups in the village, whom she meets regularly when out and about on walks.

The last pup she mothered is still with  us, Gizmo, our Flat Coat Retriever, and she sorted him out fairly early, being a typical hyper and boisterous retriever.

Willow passed away in the summer of 2016, nearly 13 and after a lifetime of service and 'motherhood' to the pups that arrived and passed through every year.

We miss her tremendously but have memories and photos of her and her contribution to the Guide Dog Puppy Walking service.

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Special Events:-   * Day out on the Railway June 2009- photos