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Welcome! to Boys Toys  page
Photos of the new Mazda MX 5.

Bought in December 2016, as a replacement for the Trophy, this is a Special Edition called an 'Icon', 1.5 petrol, sports convertible, heated seats, sat nav and other gadgets.

Delightful car to run about and has been out and about a fair bit in the past year.

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2015, Triumph Trophy.

Big 1200 cc Triumph, with full fairing and a host of 'extras' including Sat Nav  and Cruise control, full panniers, heated grips and seats, made for a super touring bike.

A wonderful riding bike, that ate up the miles whether on a motorway or on the back roads, but was heavy to park and needed a bit of forward planning to make sure one was able to move on without too much difficulty.

A wonderful bike that  I was so grateful I have had, and my last one before leaving motor-cycling for good!




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Honda St 1300 Pan European

Arrrived on 8th July 2012.

and here's another one, which arrived on 8th July 2012.

Honda Pan European ST1300, bought new from Hunts in Manchester. A big beauty and a delight to ride.

Big and comfortable long distance cruiser.

1261 cc, five gears and three panniers, all locking, this is the Ultimate cruising bike- superceded by BMW's of course, but strong and reliable with years of quality manufacture behind them.










So, a  new bike on the 18th September 2009. Welcome to the 2009 Honda VFR , Candy red, with panniers and top box as standard. Probably the last of these bikes as a 1200 VFR is due for launching in the new year. However, some rumours insist that this 800 VFR will still continue to be made and sold in this country. We await developments there.

Honda VFR 800 VTEC, with ABS, 2009

For the technical of you- an 800 cc , twin cam V four!! Panniers and Sat Nav complete the touring nature of the bike, the Sat Nav being relayed by bluetooth, via a mobile to a small velcro stickon speaker inside my helmet. Use of mobile phone enabled by a microphone, but not used whilst travelling.

Children come as extras.


The GSX 1400 has gone in part exchange, a super deal financially, and some regrets that it has gone. The lack of wind protection and the weight of the bike did hasten its departure. I will leave a couple of the old bikes pictures up here for sentimental reasons.




Trip to Lowestoft in September 2010

Bike now sorted - heated grips, Sat nav, touring screen, three panniers, phone link. Now able to take to the roads with comfort.




Susuzki 1400, a comfortable, armchair sort of ride.

No fairing so plenty of wind and rain in  your face, but a lovely ride, and got me back into biking proper.