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Welcome! to what we call New Buildings, two log cabins used as a 'Woman Cave' and a Garage and Store.


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Six foot fence cut in half to open up the side. View of garden where garage to be placed.

IMG_4572.JPG (1917144 bytes)

Fence now gone and trellis in place. shed still there. New fences to the front in place.

IMG_4597.JPG (2687685 bytes)

Trees removed and cut back to allow for new buildings.

IMG_4662.JPG (2945882 bytes)

Shed emptied and ready for demolition.

IMG_4678 (Edited).JPG (3367204 bytes)

Base going down .

IMG_4687.JPG (2778758 bytes)

..and it's raining!

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IMG_4885 (Edited).JPG (3823526 bytes)Base for the garage/store going down.

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April 2018, much has gone on, but still gardens to finish.

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P1080178.JPG (2377985 bytes)

garden on right still to complete

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P1080181.JPG (2428076 bytes)

P1080185.JPG (2450609 bytes)

Cotswold chippings around garage.

Plum slate in the dustbin area

New steps to cabin

P1080224.JPG (2587955 bytes)

P1080186.JPG (2364144 bytes)

P1080201.JPG (2307693 bytes)

Raised vegetable garden gone and new sitting area in its place.

Trees in hedge pruned letting evening sun into upper garden.


May-   More work going on- stone chippings taking the place of the grass at the front. Sitting our area by the conservatory now complete.

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