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Welcome to Gizmo!!


8th July 2014, and we have 'booked' a new puppy, yes just for ourselves.  Born on the 8th June, so about four weeks now and growing every day, Gizmo, named by us after a lot, and a lot, of suggestions, is a black, male Flat Coat Retriever.

Knowing a thing or two about Labs and Retrievers and other dogs used in the Guide Dog world,  Flatties have now been stopped from being guide dogs. and it is obvious why, as they tend to be a little more impetuous than others, perhaps bordering on the hyper if not well trained and 'sorted out' early in their lives.  So we have a challenge, but have chosen well. Mother and other relatives all seem well balanced and delightful as far as we know at this stage, and the puppies are exposed to all the fun of the outside world early in their lives. We will enjoy him and see how Gizmo turns out!







.....and now at five weeks old on 13th July.                

Mum, Bramble, is looking on



Gizmo is home on Sunday 3rd August 2014, aged eight weeks, already at home in the garden, he has settled very easily into the routine of the house and is now exploring the contents of the garden!



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August 2014

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Charmouth beach Sept 2014

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December 2014- now six months old.  right picture now nearly two.

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Gizmo left, brother Barney right.

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Gizmo, on the right, with brother Alfie.


Fun and games at Little Dart, where Gizmo was born.

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Registered Pets As Therapy dog in March 2016

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Nearly four, in the garden at Prospect Place. 2018

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A real retriever!

Gizmo now in 2020

A very handsome lad!